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The Bond Society

Dalia Necklace

Dalia Necklace

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Our most loved Permanent Jewelry Collection now brought to you online with a clasp!
 Customize your Dalia Necklace now!

Behind This Piece

Our commitment-free necklace! We have officially added a clasp for easy removal.

Product Description

How to find your perfect length:
1. Use an existing necklace. Lay the necklace on a flat surface with the clasp unhooked and pull both ends of the chain to straighten it. Then, measure the entire chain, including the clasp, from end to end with a tape measure / ruler. If the measurement isn't a whole number, round up to the nearest inch.
2. Use a piece of string. Put a piece of soft string around your neck like a necklace and adjust it to your desired length. Then, mark where the ends meet with a pen or marker and measure the length of the string.
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